Sprinkle Docs
Sprinkle Explores helps you do analysis, build reports and visualisation
using SQL.
Good to Know: Use the "Select" query to generate outputs as required for analysis. "Create" or "update" table queries are not supported in Explores, as Explores is meant only for reporting and visualisations. For data preparing and transformations, refer to Flows where you can write any SQL Query.

Looking up the tables and schema

On the left side, there's the Schema Browser to search for any table in the warehouse and see its schema in the same window.

Download result

You can download the results in a CSV file from the download icon above the output table.

Using Charts to visualise data

By default, data is shown in tabular format. You can use various charts to visualise the data. After selecting the chart,
Click Save to keep that as the default view.

Adding an Explore report to a Dashboard

After selecting your desired visualisation and saving it, you can add the report to an existing Dashboard.

Scheduling the Explore

You can set the Explore on Auto-Run from the menu on the top right corner. Navigate to Auto-Run and then switch the Auto-Run on.
If explore is part of a Dashboard, then Dashboard needs to be set on Auto-Run to refresh it automatically. Refreshing of Explore output and Dashboard which uses the Explore are independent of each other.
If you want to run the explore, only when its input tables are updated, you can select that on the Auto-Run page. Learn more about Auto-Run in Schedules and Notifications.

Query Output

When Explores query is run, its output is cached in the cloud bucket. You can control the number of rows to be written. The default value is 500,000. You can change the limit from the Settings menu.