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Webhook Datasource
Guide to create a Webhook in Sprinkle
Sprinkle Webhook is a special type of datasource which creates a Webhook endpoint in sprinkle to receive data from external sources.
Webhook datasources are available only in Enterprise Plan. Check with Sprinkle Support team for more details.

Datasource Concepts

Before setting up the datasource, learn about datasource concepts here​

Step by Step Guide

STEP-1: Configure Webhook Connection

To learn about Connection, refer here​
  • Log into Sprinkle application
  • Navigate to Datasources -> Connections Tab -> New Connection ->
  • Select Webhooks
  • Provide all the mandatory details
    • Name: Name to identify this connection
    • Webhook URL: The url is auto-generated by Sprinkle, where you can post events (in the JSON format) after replacing the API key and Secret.
  • Create

STEP-2: Configure Webhook datasource

To learn about datasource, refer here​
  • Navigate to Datasources -> Datasources Tab -> Add ->
  • Select Webhooks
  • Provide the name -> Create
  • Connection Tab:
    • From the drop-down, select the name of connection created in STEP-2
    • Update

STEP-3: Create Dataset

Datasets Tab: To learn about Dataset, refer here. Add Dataset, providing following details
  • Webhook Table Name (Required) : Events can be sent to particular table by passing table name param in the url, events with no table name param will be available in webhook table
  • Remove Duplicate Rows:
    • Unique Key: Unique key from table, to dedup data across multiple ingestions
    • Time Column Name: Will be used to order data for deduping
  • Destination Schema (Required) : Data warehouse schema where the table will be ingested into
  • Destination Table name (Required) : It is the table name to be created on the warehouse. If not given, sprinkle will create like ds_<datasourcename>_<tablename>
  • Create

STEP-4: Run and schedule Ingestion

In the Ingestion Jobs tab:
  • Trigger the Job, using Run button
  • To schedule, enable Auto-Run. Change the frequency to Realtime