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What is Sprinkle?
Sprinkle helps data teams to integrate, discover and analyse all their data instantly on their cloud data warehouse without writing a single line of code.
With Sprinkle, you can integrate all your data into your data warehouse in just a few clicks. Your data from different sources is then instantly available in your central data warehouse for analysis. You can do visual exploration of data and build dashboards via drag and drop functionality.
You can build custom reports and visualisations on the fly without writing any code. Sprinkle lets you analyse data at any granularity without being a data expert.
Good to know: Sprinkle helps in data democratisation by providing a central hub to all your organisation data. Users from different teams can collaborate easily in single place, having single source of truth.

Use cases

Sprinkle for Data Engineering teams

Sprinkle helps data teams to deploy and manage data pipelines without writing any code
  • Realtime data ingestion into your data warehouse
  • Automatic schema mapping
  • Live monitoring and controls
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Sprinkle for Analytics teams

Sprinkle helps Analytics teams to empower the entire organisation with self-serve data discovery and analytics.
With Sprinkle, Analytics team can create and deploy data ingestion and transformation pipelines on their own without dependence on the engineering teams.
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At a large internet company, Sprinkle's self-serve platform reduced manual work for building adhoc reports by over 50%.

Sprinkle for Sales & Marketing teams

Sprinkle helps marketing and sales teams to unify and analyse data in one place.
  • Unify all your web, ads, crm and application data into single data warehouse
  • Stitch customer journey from first touch to conversion, getting holistic view of your entire marketing funnel
  • Empower your sales & marketing team with self-serve analytics
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