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Get trigger-based updates on email and slack

Email Notifications

Receive timely updates about your running jobs directly in your inbox. 📥
Notifications can be configured to be sent on different triggers: on-success, on-failure, on-cancel, or on-delay.
This feature is available for all jobs that can be scheduled with Autorun, i.e., in data imports, transforms, models, reports, and dashboards.
To set up a notification, navigate to the Autorun Page.
🖱 Click on the Notification tab in the bottom half of the page. Already-set notifications are listed here.
🖱To add a new notification, click on "+ Add notification".
Fill in the form on the modal, configuring the notification:
  • Choose the trigger from the options: on_success, on_failure, on_cancel, or on_delay.
  • In the notification type, select email.
  • Specify the users or groups to be notified about the job completion in the 'To' field.
  • The subject tab is where the email subject line of the notifications can be specified; this helps in easy identification of the email.
  • 🖱Click on Create, and voila!
The email notification is live. It keeps track of the progress of jobs and notifies you in case of trigger events.

Slack Notifications

Sprinkle also delivers notifications to your Slack channels. Slack integration can easily be setup by admin users.
Navigate to Admin -> Integrations,
Click on Add to Slack.
Slack integration
Select the workspace on the top right corner before establishing the permissions, and after reviewing it, click on Allow.
Slack: Allow Permissions
Once configured, the notifications can be set for any job running on Sprinkle.
Follow similar steps as in the case of email notification above.
  • 🖱️
    Open the Autorun Page for any of the entities from the three dots on the top-right side. Click "+ Add notification".
  • 🖱️
    Select Notification Type as Slack.
  • Select Slack Channels to send notifications, and create new Slack channels if necessary.
  • 🖱Click on Create, Voila!✨
The Slack notifications are live! 🎉🚀