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Sharing data entities on Sprinkle is a breeze
, which makes collaboration within teams effortless!
You can share any sprinkle entity, such as dashboards, reports, SQL transforms, etc., with others, granting them specific access (e.g., view, edit, etc.).

Feature Walkthrough

Sharing the Dashboard
With various permission options suited to different users, share your entities with ease and enhanced control.

Permission Types:

  • VIEW: Users or groups with this permission can only view the resource.
  • EDIT: Users or groups with this permission can edit the resource.
  • EDIT_SETTINGS: Users can edit resource settings as well.
  • MANAGE: Users or groups with this permission can even delete the resource. Resource owners or users with MANAGE permission can revoke any shared permission at any time.
Permissions are a superset of individual user, role, and group permissions.
For example, an analyst role has View and Edit permissions on reports. However, sharing a report with an analyst only with view permission still gives both view and edit options.
Share with Users and Groups
To manage permissions, click on the settings icon.
The owners can choose to allow or disallow editors from changing permissions and sharing further.
Editor Permission & Share
Click on the check box to opt-in. Other users can share the resources with more users or groups with permission that is the same or lower than theirs.
For example, if a resource is shared with EDIT permission with user Alpha, Alpha can further share the resource with another user Beta with VIEW or EDIT permission only.