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File Uploads

Guide to integrate your CSV or Excel files with Sprinkle
You can ingest CSV or Excel files into Sprinkle. Sprinkle will create a table in the warehouse for the uploaded file.

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File Uploads: Explanation & Feature Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Configure Files Datasource

To learn about Data sources, refer here.
  • Navigate to Ingest -> File Uploads Tab -> Setup files
  • Provide the name -> Click on Create.

Step 2: Add File

  • 'Add File' button
  • Click the 'Browse' button or drag and drop your CSV file.

Step 3: Add details and upload

  • Provide the name for this file.
  • Skip before header: Specify the number of top rows to skip before the header line when reading CSV. Do not skip the column header itself; the next available row is used to extract column names.
  • Exclude columns: List of columns to be excluded when reading the CSV.
Note: There are a few validation checks that Sprinkle does to ensure the quality of the data being ingested.
Empty Column Headers: No column header should be empty. Use Skip before headers if you want to skip a few rows at the top. In that case, the next row available is used to extract column names.
Invalid Column Headers: Remove special characters or white spaces. Make sure each column name is unique and begins with an alphabet or underscore.
To guide you through the errors and fix them, in-place error markings are shown on the Preview table.
  • Preview: Shows a preview of the table. You can change the headers and also change the variable type of the data in the columns.
  • Click Proceed.
  • After successful ingestion, a table in the warehouse will be created with the name pattern as ds_<datasourcename>_<filename>.