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Release Notes - v7.20

What’s in this version?

New and Updated Features

1️⃣ Dashboards now include variables

We have introduced the concept of variables for dashboards. You will now be able to provide values or override values of the defined variables to get the results on Sprinkle dashboards.
The experience of defining variables and using them for expressions in models has been improved. You can now control variables' run-time values from a single place in Reports.
📖 Read the detailed Variables documentation

2️⃣ Postgres as a data warehouse on Sprinkle

You can now
configure your Postgres as a data warehouse (destination) on Sprinkle, isn't that great?

3️⃣ SQL Server as a data warehouse on Sprinkle

It's finally here! SQL Server can now be used as a data warehouse! You can now configure your SQL Server as a data warehouse (destination) on Sprinkle.
📖 Read the detailed SQL Server as Warehouse documentation

4️⃣ Add multiple datasets in a shot

With the Add multiple datasets feature, you can select multiple datasets from a source database at once. Through the multi-select form, you can control which source tables are to be ingested, and how and what data is ingested from those source tables.
📖 Read the detailed Add multiple datasets documentation

Fixes and Improvements

1️⃣ User Attributes is renamed Row-Level Security

Row-level security lets you manage the row-level access of the models. It lets you restrict users' access only to the relevant rows of data in the table. The feature was renamed to better communicate its function.
📖 Read the detailed Row Level Security documentation

2️⃣ Tile Level Filter on Dashboards

With this advanced option on Filter Mappings, you can create Tile/Report level filters and select the Report (Tiles) that the filter listens to.
Now a model field can be left non-selected, in case more than one model has been used to create Reports embedded as Tiles on the Dashboard
📖 Read the detailed Tile Level Filter documentation