Track all actions performed on any data entity


Activity is a feature that allows users to keep track 🧐 of all the actions or operations performed on a data entity.

Actions like Create, Run, Settings Update, Job Run, and Query Update can all be tracked through this feature.

It thus provides a timeline of all the activities that have been performed, allowing users to revisit the old settings or queries.

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Feature Walkthrough 🚢

It is available for all data entities, SQL transforms, dashboards, and reports.

Filter Options

On the View activity page, activities can be filtered based on:

  • Date range

  • Type of activity (create, run, update, etc.)

  • Users who performed the activity

More Details

πŸ–±οΈClick on "More" in the Props column to view additional details.

It shows the details related to the settings that may have been edited.

The changes made in the script are also visible, which comes in handy when retrieving the older queries.

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