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A dashboard is a group of cards neatly arranged on a grid, each card showing important data in charts and graphs. It's your one place for quick insights, helping you make informed decisions about your business or system with a single glance.
With Dashboards V2, we've made it simpler to add cards to dashboards, including Text Cards with Markdown Text. The experience and the design of the dashboards in Sprinkle have been upgraded. You can now effortlessly manage dashboard filters and make use of the convenient saved filters feature.

Overview: New Dashboards V2

Dashboards V2 brings a host of new capabilities and enhancements to make your data visualization experience even more seamless and efficient. Here are the key highlights:
  • Easier journey to Add Reports: Creating your dashboard is now simpler and more intuitive than ever before. We've enhanced the user interface to provide a smoother experience when adding reports to your dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can quickly add cards to your dashboard.
  • Add Text Cards with Markdown Text: Communicate your insights effectively with the new text card feature. You can now include text cards within your dashboard, supporting Markdown text formatting. Craft informative narratives, provide context, and highlight key points right alongside your reports.
  • Easier Way to Add and Manage Filters: Adding filters to your dashboard to filter the data on the dashboard is now simpler. Easily add, edit, and remove filters to fine-tune your data views.
  • Separate View and Edit Modes: We've introduced view and edit modes for your dashboards. In the edit mode, you can make edits/adjustments to your dashboard layout and content, while the view mode provides a seamless and interactive experience for your audience. No more accidental changes while presenting your data!
  • Saved Filters in View Mode: Empower your users to create and save their filter states as saved filters. This means your audience can tailor the dashboard filters to their specific needs, saving time and improving their overall experience.

How to create a new Dashboard?

Let's get started with creating a new Dashboard on the new Dashboards V2.
  • Navigate to Analyze -> Dashboards (New) from the left navigation.
  • On the right corner of the listing page, you will find the button "+Create Dashboard". Click on the button to create your dashboard.
  • Provide a name for your dashboard.
  • When done, you are taken to your dashboard with an empty canvas in edit mode, where you can add your cards.
  • Now click on "Add Report" to begin adding reports.

Understanding the layout

On Dashboards V2, we have separate modes for editing and viewing the Dashboard. Let's first understand the Edit mode, where you would be setting up your dashboards for your audience.
On top of the interface, there is the Top bar which has a breadcrumb for navigation, buttons, and more.

Top Bar:

  • Refresh: In order to run the dashboard and get the updated result, click on Refresh.
  • Mode Button: to switch to view mode from the Edit Mode and vice-versa.
  • Add: It's a dropdown button that enables you to add cards/widgets to the dashboard.
    • Add Report, enables you to add tabs from Reports you created.
    • Add Text, enables you to add a text card to your dashboard.
Note: Tabs from reports created on new Reports V2, can only be added to Dashboard V2.
  • Below the Top bar, the area is used to display the filters. The "+Add Filter" lets you add filters to your dashboard. (More about filters on Dashboard)
  • The major part of the screen is the dashboard canvas, where your added cards appear.
  • Edit Layout: It lets you adjust the size of each of your cards and enables you to be in control of how you want your cards to appear on the grid.

Add Report to Dashboard

  • Click/hover over the Add button on the top-right corner. Select Add Report.
  • Select the Report from which you want to add tabs for your analysis.
  • 'Select Tabs' is a multiple-select dropdown. You may add one or more tabs from your selected report to the dashboard.
You may also add tabs of your analysis from the Reports V2 itself. Click on the Add to Dashboard button on top. Select the dashboard onto which you want to add and the tabs you want to add.

Add Text Card to Dashboard

In Dashboards V2, we have introduced the feature to add text cards to provide context to your dashboards. Communicate your insights effectively with the new text card feature.
You can now include text cards within your dashboard, supporting Markdown text formatting. (Learn more about the markdown syntax here).

To add a text card,

  • Click on the Add Text option from the Add button on the top right.
  • Provide the title to your text card.
  • By default, the text editor is in view mode. You may include markdown formatting to your text and view it in the preview mode on the Add Text modal.