Sprinkle Docs

Release Notes - v9.1

New and Updated Features

⏰ Scheduled Exports for Reports V2

The feature lets you automate exports of your reports directly to your recipient's email inboxes. It is designed to make your data consumption more efficient and proactive.
Frequency of the Export: Set up the frequency as required using the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options along with the time you want the export to be received in the inboxes of your recipients.
Attachments: The feature enables you to attach CSV files of your report to the email.
Customize the Subject and body of your emails. Monitor your Scheduled Exports for each report. Pause and resume these exports as may be needed.

⚡ Interactive Listing pages

Filters added to all main entity pages: You can now filter data based on entries in columns such as filter by entity type or status Multiple
Filters at once: You can now apply multiple filters at once to narrow down the results
Search bar enhanced: This will help you find your entity faster based on the name column
Pagination added to table footers: With this, you can navigate through large tables easily
Sorting behavior enhanced: You can now sort the table by any column

📢 Note

We have named the Reports V2 and the Dashboards V2 as Reports (New) and Dashboards (New) on the application.