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Release Notes - v7.14

What’s in this version?

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New and Updated Features

1️⃣ Render images in reports using image URLs

It is now possible to view images in your Reports. Your product inventory report can, for instance, include the product images too alongside the other product metrics. This can give your reports a more contextual look.

Step-by-Step process to display images in Reports

Include the Image URL as a column in your table.
Declare that column as one containing the Image URLs in the model (find it in more options in the columns tab on the particular column).
When Report is built using that Model. The report would automatically render images from the image URL (in place) if the Image URL column is included in the Report.

2️⃣ CRUD API for entities

Sprinkle has updated to CRUD API.
Read the documentation to know in detail how to use them.

Fixes and Improvements

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