Schedules is the one-stop place to get details about all the scheduled Jobs and their related information. All the jobs that are set through the Auto-run Option in different data entities are visible here.

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Feature Walkthrough 🚢

The Schedules page is structured in terms of various tabs, providing information about the Jobs that are run or are scheduled.

Navigate to Monitor -> Schedules.

Backlog πŸ•‘

This tab provides information about the jobs, that have been delayed due to some reason. Those are the jobs that were scheduled but have not started running on any cluster. The reasons for the delay could be that the Job is waiting for the source or the dependents to complete first. The other reason could be the unavailability of cluster resources. Other details regarding the Job, like the owner, Next Run, Priority, State, Frequency of Runs are also stated.

All ⏱️

This tab lists all the Jobs that are active and scheduled, with details about the Jobs, like Next Run, Priority, State, Frequency, Type, Last Run Status, etc.

You can use filters for example to just see the last job failed. This will provide information about the recently failed and cancelled Jobs.

Timeline ⏲️

Here a timeline view of all the jobs runs during a time period can be viewed in a graphical format. From the right-hand side, the Date-Time Range can be selected between which the jobs are to be viewed. On Clicking, on Apply the bottom timeline is updated.

Users can also filter out the Jobs in the below timeline graph based on the Run-Time of the Jobs.

Notifications πŸ””

All the notifications set on trigger events are visible here, along with the other details like, Notification Type, Notify To, Created Time, Updated Time, etc.

Read more about how to configure email and slack notification on Sprinkle, Read Notifications

Pipeline Graph

The pipeline graphs of various models can be viewed in this tab in Schedules.

Settings βš™οΈ

Policies and configurations related to the scheduled jobs can be found here. Settings like Sync Time, Business Hours, Concurrency, Wait times, etc. can be configured here.

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