Layout and options

SQL Editor Pane

SQL Editor Window: This is the main section where you can write and run Simple/Complex SQL Queries using the raw data warehouse tables to get the desired data.

Output Window: This is where the output of your SQL code will populate after clicking on the Run button. You can use it to go through the data and cross-check it. The Errors (if any) while executing your code would also appear here.

Schema Browser Panel:

This allows to search any table along with its schema that is present in the configured Data Warehouse.

You can easily type the required table name in the Search bar and it will give you the list of all the columns and their data types present in the mentioned table. You can double-click on the column name/table name to add it to the code.

Variable Panel:

This allows you to add any new Local variables and see the existing list of Local and Global variables. Variables are useful to provide values to your code during the run-time to get the required data.

Visualization Panel:

This allows you to switch to the reporting part using which you can create various kinds of reports on top of the output data of your SQL Code.

It has the following sections:

Fields: This section will contain the list of all columns present in the Output table of SQL's query that you will run in the SQL Editor.

Visualization: You can select different visualization options to create reports, viz., charts such as line, bar, column, area, combo, scatter, pie, bubble, histogram, funnel charts, tables, pivot tables, etc.

You can create reports using the Build and Format section which has options such as selecting Table fields, Sort, Row limits, Total, Table calculations, Field Formatting, etc in this pane. For more, refer here.

Output Pane: This pane shows the output of the report, it can be in the form of a table or any charts as configured on the visualizations pane.

You can export the report table using the Download button in CSV or PDF formats.

This pane has a Save button to save the configurations for the report and a Run button to run the report with the latest configurations.

You can change the Save/Column limits from the settings menu.

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