Drill - Hierarchical & Date


The Reports and Dashboards V2 (New) enables you to drill down and drill up on your data. The drill feature is designed to enhance the data exploration on Sprinkle.

The drill feature empowers users to perform interactive analysis, explore trends, and make data-driven decisions more effectively.

In order to use the drill feature in Reports v2, you would need to define hierarchies at the report level. Then drop the hierarchy(ies) in the build field in the visualization settings.

Creating Hierarchies

We now have the option to create hierarchies at the report level. In the Edit mode of your report, on the left-most pane (inputs pane), go to the custom section.

The Hierarchies section has all the created hierarchies listed, along with the "+Add Hierarchy" button.

In the case of building reports using a Model as input, the hierarchies created at the model level are available in the hierarchies section. Hierarchies brought from the Model level are not editable in the reports.

You can create a new hierarchy for the report. Click on +Add Hierarchy. The Add Hierarchy modal opens up.

  • Name: Provide a name to your hierarchy.

  • Hierarchy Type: This could be of Date or Non-Date type.

    • The date type allows you to create Date hierarchies, which create date levels, like Year, Quarter, Month, etc. You may choose from multiple date-level options. For eg: for a date column - order date, you may choose levels like Year and Quarter for your report.

    • Non-Date: This lets you select different columns at the hierarchy levels. For eg: Country, State, City.

  • Select Columns: (for Non-Date type) Select columns at different levels of the hierarchy, starting with the top-most level and going down to the bottom levels.

  • Click on Add when done. It creates a hierarchy that is available in the hierarchy section.

Using Hierarchy in Build Settings

Once you have the hierarchies, you may use them in the build settings by dropping them in the required field.

Table: For table visualization type, you can drop hierarchies (one or more) in the Group by field.

Charts: You can drop the hierarchies in the primary axis of a chart.

  • Line/ Area/ Column Chart: X-Axis

  • Bar Chart: Y-Axis

  • Pie/ Funnel: Category

  • Scatter/ Bubble: X-Axis

  • Combo: Not Available for Drill

Pivot: Drill is not supported as of now on the pivot. So, you cannot drop the hierarchy in the Pivot settings.

How to Drill Up and Down?

Drill action is available on both Reports & Dashboard.

If your visualization has been configured with hierarchies, the drill option will be available to you. There are two flavors of Drill action you can perform.

All at once: You can click on the arrows on top of the visualization to go up or down the hierarchy all at once. For eg: If you are on country-level sales data and you drill down, you go to state-level data.

Selected Drill Down: You may select a data point and then drill down on it. For eg: on State-level sales data, you click on the cell, where the State is Equal to Karnataka (India), and then click on drill down. In that case, the next level of data shows City level sales data for cities only in Karnataka (India). Doing a selected drill-down passes the dimension (categorical) value of the selected data point as a filter to the next level of the data.

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