Sprinkle Docs

Release Notes - v9.3

New and Updated Features

Now Configure Filters for your Scheduled Exports in Reports

We have enhanced the Scheduled Exports feature that we released with v9.1. In addition to setting up the export with the list of recipients, frequency, and email, you may also override report tab filters for your exports.
This would enable you to send required data to different teams from the same report tab. For eg: You want to send weekly sales numbers to teams in the north, south, east, and west divisions from the report tab capturing the overall numbers. You may configure your exports with a division filter for each of the scheduled exports accordingly.

Plot calculations on charts using quick calculations

Similar to the table calculations for the table-type visualizations, you would now be able to plot calculations on charts as well.
For eg: You would now be able to plot a column chart with the Region on the x-axis and the % contribution of each Region to the Revenue numbers. With the help of quick calculations, you can perform the calculation to calculate the % of column total and plot that on the chart.
There are more calculation types available to enable you to quickly perform on-the-go calculations.
Read more on the documentation page