We are excited to introduce the Brand-new Reports feature that offers enhanced capabilities, improved performance, and a more intuitive design.

  • Integrated Journey: For all your needs to create reports go to Reports V2, within the Analyze module. In Reports (Legacy) the reports could only be built using the models. But in Reports V2, the report creation provides you with multiple options. The reports can be built using a model, or directly from a table in your warehouse. You can also build reports by writing SQL queries and on top of it create visualizations.

  • Report Builder UI: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy report creation. The UI has been structured so as to provide you with multiple options in one place. Read more about the layout here.

  • Tabs in Reports V2: With Reports V2 we have introduced the concept of tabs. It enables you to create multiple related analyses in multiple tabs and have that in a single report. It comes in handy when you want to create multiple analyses from the same model or table.

  • Visualization Options: Bring data to life with various chart types. You can build visualizations on your data quickly. Read more about the supported visualizations here. The Pivot chart has been completely redesigned. You can now pivot on more than one dimension (categorical data) in rows and columns of the Pivot chart.

  • Explore your data with filters, table calculations, variables, custom analysis, and more advanced features.

  • Other features: Share, export, and embed reports for collaborative decision-making. Securely Embed reports to your applications or webpages.

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