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Reports V2


Introducing Reports V2: Unleash the Power of Interactive Reports and Stunning Visualizations!
  • Effortless Building: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy report creation.
  • Stunning Visualizations: Bring data to life with a wide range of customizable chart types.
  • Dive into Data: Explore your data with quick aggregations, filters, custom analysis, and more
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share, export, and embed reports for collaborative decision-making.

Beta Release Disclaimer

We're thrilled
to offer you a sneak peek
into Reports V2, an interactive way of building and consuming reports with this Beta release!
Please keep in mind that these features are still in their early stages of development. While we've done our best to make them functional, you may encounter some incomplete elements, occasional bugs, or unexpected behavior.
Your feedback is invaluable to help us refine and improve the experience.
Thank you for being part of this exciting development journey!
Write to us at [email protected]