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Warehouse & Storage Setup

This document provides the steps involved in configuring a Data Warehouse and Storage on Sprinkle.
Why integrate a Data Warehouse
  • All analytical data is stored and queried from the Data Warehouse
Why connect a Cloud Storage Bucket
  • Sprinkle stores all intermediate data and report caches in this bucket

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Warehouses : Explanation & Feature Walkthrough
To Set up a warehouse and related storage bucket, navigate to Admin from the left navigation menu. Browse to the Warehouse page.
Admin -> Warehouse
Click on the + New Warehouse Connection button to integrate a warehouse with Sprinkle.

Steps to create a New Warehouse Connection

Connect Warehouse

In the first step, you configure your warehouse by providing endpoint details of your Data Warehouse.
Refer to individual Cloud Data Warehouse pages for details on the fields in the form. The integration document has also been integrated alongside on the UI for you to refer.
Test Connection: It tests if a connection can be established with the warehouse endpoint provided. Clicking the button also shows the status, Failed or Passed.
Test & Save: This button tests the warehouse connection as well as saves the warehouse endpoints provided.

Add Storage

Here you can provide details of your storage bucket to be associated with the warehouse configured. Test Connection and Test & Save buttons have similar functionality as discussed above.