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Get instant notifications when predefined data conditions are met using Data Alerts. This feature enables you to respond promptly, making well-informed strategic decisions for the business.

The Data Alerts feature in Dashboard (New) empowers you to monitor specific data conditions on individual tiles, automatically check for conditions, and trigger email notifications to designated recipients. Click on the dashboard link in the email and view all related metrics on the dashboard together.

πŸ‘‰ Let's deep-dive into the feature.

Overview of the Data Alert process

Once the Data Alert is set up for a tile on the dashboard, that tile is run as per the check frequency. The tile is run with the dashboard filters applied. On the resultant data, the Alert conditions are checked. If there is data meeting the alert conditions the alert is triggered.

Accessing Data Alerts

  • In the edit mode of a dashboard, hover over the individual tile on the dashboard, for which you want to view data alerts or set up an alert.

  • Click on the "More Options" icon for the tile, then click on Data Alerts

  • This action directs the editor to the Tile Settings modal, on the "Data Alerts" tab.

  • The Data Alerts tab displays a list of all data alerts created for the selected dashboard tile.

  • Click on "Create Data Alert" to create a new alert.

Create Data Alert Modal

  • Name: Provide a name to the data alert.

  • Channel: Currently it supports email notifications

  • Check Frequency: This is when the alert conditions set by you will be evaluated. Based on the need you may set check frequencies for the data alert.

  • Dashboard Filter: This enables you to see which dashboard filters are to be applied to the tile. The filter values and operators are in their default state, which can also be overridden for a Data Alert.

  • Alert Condition: Alert conditions can be applied to fields available in the visualization. Multiple conditions can be applied for a data alert. Create conditions as per your requirements.

  • Customize Email: It allows users to set up emails with a personalized subject and email body. Users can include the dashboard link and a preview of records meeting the condition, which gets appended to the email body. The alert conditions are also appended to the email body.

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