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Guide to create a Webhook in Sprinkle
Sprinkle Webhook is a special type of data import that creates a Webhook endpoint in sprinkle to receive data from external sources.
Webhook data imports are available only in Enterprise Plan. Check with the Sprinkle Support team for more details.

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Webhooks : Explanation & Feature Walkthrough

Data Import Concepts

Before setting up the data import, learn about data import concepts here

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Configure Webhook data import

  • Log into the Sprinkle application.
  • Navigate to the Ingest Tab -> Data Imports -> Webhooks.
  • Click on the Create Webhook button.

Step 2: Create a Dataset

  • Name (Required): Enter the unique name for the webhook.
  • Webhook URL: Generated by Sprinkle. Configure this URL on the source to send events to Sprinkle.
  • Remove Duplicate Rows:
  • Unique Key: Unique key from the table to dedupe data across multiple ingestions
  • Time Column Name: Will be used to order data for deduping
  • Flatten Level (required): Select from One level or Multi levels. In one level, flattening will not be applied on complex types. They will be stored as strings. In multi-level, flattening will be applied to complex levels until they become simple.
  • Destination Schema (Required): Data warehouse schema where the table will be ingested into
  • Destination Table name (required): This is the table name to be created in the warehouse. If not given, Sprinkle will create like : ds_<datasourcename>_<tablename>.
  • Destination Create Table Clause: Provide additional clauses to warehouse-create table queries such as clustering, partitioning, and more, useful for optimizing DML statements (Learn more about how to use this field).
  • Click on 'Create'.

Step 3: Run and schedule Ingestion

In the Ingestion Jobs tab:
  • Trigger the Job, using the Run button
  • To schedule, enable Auto-Run. Change the frequency to Realtime, if required