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Analytics Overview
Sprinkle’s Self-Serve analytics solution enables users to drive more value from the data in the warehouse. Built for modern-day cloud data warehouses, Sprinkle’s Analytics Solution empowers various types of users in the organisation to uncover insightsπŸ“ˆ & make empowered decisions.
Cloud warehouse acts as the central hub of the organisation data, for analytics, data engineering, and data science teams. Running Analytics directly on Cloud Warehouses provides you with the flexibility to shape the data, the way you want.

Basic Components

Sprinkle provides a self-serve interface to explore and analyse data in the data warehouse. The below components forms the basis of Sprinkle’s Analytics layer.
  • ​Explores: Enables you to do analysis on the data, build reports & visualizations
    using SQL
  • ​Data Models: Define Business Metrics and Dimensions on the data warehouse tables
  • ​Segments: Perform drag and drop analysis on Data Models and build visualisations
  • ​Dashboards: Club various Segment & Explore reports onto the dashboard with filter options
  • ​Funnels: Empowers you to do funnel analysis, generating insights at each stage of the funnel
  • ​Metric Alerts: Define trigger events, Customize Alerts & receive email notifications
    for your critical business metric changes
Optimised for Performance: Sprinkle does a lot of optimisation like caching of data, partitioning etc for delivering high performance at optimal warehouse cost


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Basic Components