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Brief about Folders in Sprinkle.


Folders can also be referred to as Spaces, these spaces may be user-specific, all folders or shared folders for a certain group of users. Managing access to reports for a group of users can also be done using the folders functionality.
The reports that the users build are saved in their own folder.
By default, all the groups in Sprinkle have access to the Shared folder. So the reports created in the Shared Folder can be viewed by everyone in the organization.
In case there is a need to restrict some users from accessing data in the Shared folder. Admin can create a new group for those users who require special permissions without Shared Folder access.

Create a new Folder

Navigate to Admin -> Access Management, In the Folders tab, you can create a new folder by clicking on the New Folder button.
Just provide a name to the folder and it's made.
The folder can also be shared with other users or groups, by clicking on the Share button. Select the users or groups, and select the type of access that is to be provided to the users or groups.
Types of Access that can be provided:
  • View: Users can view resources
  • Edit: Users can edit the resource
  • Edit Settings: Users can edit resources and settings
  • Manage: Users can edit and delete the resource