☁️Destination Warehouses

Guide to integrate your Data Warehouse with Sprinkle

Connect Data Warehouse (Destination)

  • In order to use Sprinkle, you will need to connect it to your destination (usually a data warehouse).

  • Sprinkle offers a Managed Warehouse option if you do not have your own data warehouse. It can be selected during onboarding or from Admin -> Warehouse page in the product.

  • All analytical data is stored and queried from the Data Warehouse

Supported Destinations

Here's a list of all supported destination warehouses on Sprinkle along with their setup instructions.

Unifying your fragmented data using Connectors

If your data is fragmented in different systems, Sprinkle helps you unify all your data into your data warehouse using the Datasource connectors.

The data source connectors ingest data into your data warehouse. The ingestion pipeline can be set up in just a few clicks via the Sprinkle web console.

Warehouse Setup Overview

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