Sprinkle Docs

Release Notes - v9.4

New Features

With this release, we have introduced the functionality to configure the click behavior for individual tiles on your dashboard. Read on about the details.

Click on a tile to update dashboard filters - Cross Filtering

Now you can configure your dashboard tile to update the dashboard filter when you click on it. The feature is called Cross-Filtering. It refers to the interactive filtering of data in a visualization that affects other related visualizations, allowing viewers of dashboards to explore data interactively.
Read more about Cross-Filtering.
You can now configure your dashboard tile to take you to another dashboard or to any URL. You can link the click on the source dashboard to capture categorical data from the source dashboard and pass it on to the target dashboard. The feature makes navigating to Linked Insights interactive and easy. For example: you have a source sales dashboard, where on one of the tiles you have product vs sales numbers. You may configure that tile to take the user to a detailed product dashboard, as well as pass the product filter to the target dashboard.
Read more about Linked Insights.