Hierarchies can be added to define a relationship between fields where the values of one can be controlled by the other in a nested way.

Hierarchies allow you to use the drill feature on Reports and Dashboards allowing you to drill down and drill up on your data to perform interactive analysis and explore trends.

Once a hierarchy has been added to the model, it will be available in the hierarchies section (located on the left-most pane under the custom section) of the report created from this model. Hierarchies can also be added to the reports directly.

If your visualizations have been configured with hierarchies, the drill option will be available to you. There are two kinds of drill actions you can perform:

  1. You can perform drills all at once. For example, if you are on country-level sales data and you drill down, you go to state-level data.

  2. You may select a data point and then drill down. For example, on state-level sales data, you click on the cell where the state is equal to Karnataka (India), and then click on drill down.

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