Guide to integrate your MySQL with Sprinkle

This page covers the details about integrating MySQL Database as Warehouse with Sprinkle.

When setting up MySQL as Data Warehouse, Sprinkle additionally requires a Cloud bucket. This guide covers the role of all the components and steps to set up.

Step by Step Guide

Integrating MySQL

STEP-1: Allow MySQL to accept connection from Sprinkle

  • If MySQL server is on public network, accessible over public IP, allow inbound connection on mysql port (default is 3306) from Sprinkle IPs (,

  • If MySQL server is on private network, configure SSH Tunnel in Advanced Settings.

STEP-2: Configure MySQL Connection

  • Log into the Sprinkle application

  • Navigate to Admin -> Warehouse -> New Warehouse Connection

  • Select MySQL

  • Provide all the mandatory details

    • Distinct Name*: Name to identify this connection

    • Host : Provide IP address or Host name.

    • Port :Provide the Port number.

    • Database : Provide database name if there is any, it should be an existing database.

    • Username: MySQL account user name

    • Password: MySQL account password

    • Driver Version*: Choose the driver version out of these three 8.0.11 ,5.1.45, and 5.1.23

  • SSH Tunnel in MySQL:

    • Connect via SSH Host: Click on "Yes" to configure SSH Tunnel.

    • SSH Host* : IP address or hostname of the SSH server

    • SSH Public Key* : Copy the SSH public key and paste it into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file of the SSH user on the ssh host machine

    • SSH Login Username* : Provide the SSH Login Username where you added the public key. Further, verify the provided details by testing the connection.

    • Networking rules from your end:

      • Make sure SSH Host has public IP

      • Whitelist Sprinkle IPs (, in your SSH Host. SSH host should be able to accept traffic from these Sprinkle IPs.

      • Make sure SSH port 22 is open.

      Once this setting is completed you can try test-connection and if successful, you can update the changes.

  • Test Connection

  • Create

Create a Cloud Bucket

Sprinkle stores all intermediate data and report caches in the cloud bucket. Sprinkle supports creating a bucket in AWS, GCP, or Azure. Refer to respective documents for creating a configuring the Cloud Bucket.

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