Break Out

In Report V2 you can deep-dive into your report data to gain deeper insights using a special feature called Break-Out.


It allows you to break out a selected measure in your report on the basis of one or more categorical dimensions and date dimensions. It allows you to explore data at more levels and analyze trends by visualizing how a specific measure is distributed across different categories and time periods.

Overall it helps in improving data exploration capabilities and supports data-driven decision-making. It is applicable to all kinds of visualization reports in Report V2

For eg: You have created a Total Sales By Region report and you want to break down the Total sales for a specific region by Product Category and visualize how sales are distributed across different categories. You can easily achieve this by using the Break-Out feature in Report V2.

How to apply Break-Out:

  • First, you need to go to the Build panel in the Visualization pane of the desired report.

  • Now go to the Break-Out toggle and enable it. (By default Break-Out is be disabled).

You can configure the Break-Out feature by clicking on the Setting menu alongside the toggle bar.

Break-Out Setting window will open. It has a list of Selected Measure in your Report alongside an Option of Break-Out By.

  • You may enable/disable the Break-Out feature at the level of individual Measures (used in the visualization)

  • Break-Out By:

    • Any Dimension: It allows the users to click on individual Measure and choose from the list of columns to Break-Out the data measure by.

    • Default Selection: discussed below in detail.

    • Custom: For particular Measure, you may also choose specific columns to Break-Out by.

  • By default, Any Dimension is selected for Break-Out By option but you can customize it as per your need by Choosing the Custom option under Break-Out By and choosing the relevant Columns by which you want to see the break out for that Measure value.

Add Default Selection

  • It allows to specify the default selection of dimension columns for breaking out the Measure Values. This comes in handy when you have multiple Measures selected in your column and you want to break out for each of them by certain fixed columns.

  • You need to click on + Add Default Selection and choose the desired dimension columns.

You can also control whether you want to showcase these 3 types of values in the Break-Out for the measures.

  • Include zeroes

  • Include negative values

  • Include nulls

By default, all these 3 values are unchecked and if needed then you can easily include them in the breakout.

How to Use Break-Out:

After you have enabled the Break-Out option you can use it in your Reports in the following way:

  • Go to any desired Measure column value that you want to drill down and Click on it.

  • After clicking a Break-Out window opens up.

  • Here you need to select the relevant dimension columns.

  • Then click on the Break Out button and your Break-Out result is be generated.

Note: If you already have selected the Custom columns for the selected measures in the Break-Out Setting window then you need to simply click on any desired Measure column value and your Break-Out result is generated.

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