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Release Notes - v7.23

What’s in this version?

New and Updated Features​

New and Updated Features

Use Clustering, partitioning, etc. with the Destination Create Table Clause

The destination-create table clause in Sprinkle enables you to provide additional clauses for warehouse-create table queries such as clustering, partitioning, and more depending on the warehouse. It is useful for optimizing DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements to ensure optimal query performance.
Destination Create Table Clause field while adding tables to the destination (warehouse) through Data Imports in Sprinkle.
📖 Read the detailed documentation on Destination Create Table Clause​

Settings page for admins

  • Display Name: Admins can change the display name of the org
  • Whitelisted domains allow you to control who can be invited as a user in your organization.
  • Timezone: Select the timezone as per your local time. The time stamps on the UI and run schedules are inferred according to the timezone selected