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Release Notes - v7.13

What’s in this version?

New and Updated Features

DataSources in Sprinkle is now Data Imports

What is Data Import?
Data Imports makes it easy to create and monitor your Data Ingestion Pipeline from one place.
  • The Data Imports module provides you with an integrated way of building & monitoring your data ingestion pipeline.
  • With Data Imports you can easily define the source endpoints, select the tables (datasets) you want to ingest, and then Run, Schedule & monitor Ingestion.
Read the detailed Data Imports documentation.

Mobile-friendly view for Dashboards

Your dashboards are now completely mobile-friendly
. The UI for viewing dashboards has been optimized for mobile screens, which lets you access your dashboards on the go. It enhances the experience of viewing a Dashboard on a mobile device.
How do I view the dashboard in Mobile View?
Just open any Sprinkle dashboard on your mobile browser and view it on a mobile-optimized UI.
  • If you log in to Sprinkle using a mobile web browser, the default view is Mobile, where Sprinkle shows the dashboards. In case you wish to view other entities on Sprinkle (like Models, Segments, etc.) switch to Desktop View.
Switch to Desktop Site View on your mobile device
  • The Sprinkle platform is completely available on the Desktop View. Just click on the Desktop Site link at the bottom of the screen when in Mobile View.
When I click on the entities link, what do I see?
  • When a link to a dashboard is clicked on a Mobile device, the link by default opens up in the Mobile Optimized Dashboard view on the web browser.
  • If the link to other entities is clicked on a Mobile device, then the link opens up in Desktop View.

Control the number of columns in Reports

When a large number of columns are fetched on the UI, it may slow down the UI. To address this issue, an additional setting called the Column Limit has been provided for the SQL Explore and Segment Reports.
This setting lets you limit the number of columns that are fetched on the UI. The default value is set to 50, which could be increased up to 100 as per requirement.
Where do I set this limit?
Click on More Options (three dots) in the Edit View of an SQL Explore or Segment report. In the General tab, set the Column Limit.

New Integration: GA4 connector is live!

Google Analytics has released the latest property called the GA4. And it is expected to stop processing new data on its older Universal Analytics property. Read the announcement here.
📢 GA4 connector for Google Analytics is already live on Sprinkle
Read the complete GA4 documentation.

Fixes and Improvements

Improved Admin -> Warehouse Section

Now you can set up and manage Data Warehouse and Storage with a simpler and user-friendly UI.
New features in the Warehouse section:
  • Integrated flow to set up the Data Warehouse and the associated storage
  • Embedded Warehouse & Storage set up documentation alongside the setup form
  • Configuration Status & Make Default action buttons on the listing page
Read the complete Warehouse & Storage Setup documentation.

Partitioning option added for Bigquery ingestion

The feature to create partitions of the destination table is now available!
This feature can be enabled when selecting datasets to be added to the Data Imports (previously DataSources).
Partitioning can be done on the basis of the specified column. If no column is specified, the partition will be created on the basis of job run time.
The option to create partitions can also be skipped, in that case, the normal materialized table will be created as the final destination table.
The option to create partitions is available for the following databases:
Last modified 11mo ago