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Metric Alerts
Setup Metrics Alerts


Keep a close track
of important business metrics through Metric Alerts. Send automatic email notifications to users or groups and take quick actions, if needed.

Feature Walkthrough

Setup Metric

Through the navigation panel,
Click on Analytics -> Metric Alerts. Click on New to set up a new metric alert.
Select the model for which the alert has to be set. From the threshold section, select the measure and the range. The defined set of users is notified if the measure drops or exceed the range set here.
The Filter Section can be used to add the filter to data that is to be tracked through the Alerts.
Prevailing Price: Metric Alert
In the above
example, the Average Prevailing Price alert, the Measure Average_Price is tracked for petroleum products, if it goes below 450. The Filter is used to limit the alert for ProductIDs 2, 5, 9.

Setup Trigger

Evaluate Frequency, sets up the periodicity of checking the Metric. The frequency can be set from Daily to Real-time.
Notify, set up users or groups that would receive the notification when the measured value is triggered.
Click on Create to push the metric alert to live.
Setup: Trigger
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