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Cloud Data Warehouses
Guide to integrate your Data Warehouse with Sprinkle

Why Sprinkle is built on Cloud Data Warehouses ?

Cloud Data Warehouses are modern analytics engines. These provide you high performance, flexibility to scale, and are cost-effective.
Sprinkle is built on top of these, so that your data remains with you in your preferred Cloud. There is no data movement required when integrating with Sprinkle. Underneath Sprinkle leverages all the goodness of these data warehouses by integrating with these natively.
Sprinkle does not store your data, all your data is stored any processed within your data warehouse. That is why having a Cloud Data Warehouse is a pre-requisite for Sprinkle. If you don't have a warehouse, Sprinkle can help you setup one.
List of all supported data warehouses and the setup instructions are given below.

Unifying your fragmented data using Datasources

Incase you don't have a data warehouse, or your data is fragmented in different systems, Sprinkle helps you unify all your data into your data warehouse using the Datasource connectors. The datasource connectors ingest data into your data warehouse. The ingestion pipeline can be setup in just a few clicks via Sprinkle web console.