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Sprinkle Pipelines

No Code ETL - Ingest, Transform and Explore all your data without writing a single line of code


Sprinkle Pipelines is a no-code data integration and transformation solution that enables businesses to rapidly set up data pipelines from the web console. The solution helps businesses to manage and streamline their data pipelines, reducing the workload and increasing the productivity of their data teams.

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Key Features

  • Realtime Replication: Sprinkle Pipelines offer real-time pipelines with incremental and CDC-based data ingestion.
  • Automatic Schema Mapping: The solution handles schema mapping and changes automatically without any manual intervention, even in the case of semi-structured JSON data.
  • Live Monitoring and Control: Sprinkle Pipelines provide live replication statistics, set up alerts and take actions from the UI console.
  • Data Security: Sprinkle offers enterprise-grade security and ensures that customer data is secure by using SSO and encrypted transport. All data is stored and processed within the customer's infrastructure.
  • Transformation Pipelines Management: The solution enables businesses to create and schedule transformation pipelines with incremental processing and automatic dependency management.
  • Data Catalog: Sprinkle Pipelines feature a Data Catalog that helps businesses search and analyze data faster by understanding its context.

Data Integration

Sprinkle supports integration with almost all the data sources businesses may need, including:
  • Files: Google Sheets, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage
  • Databases: MySql, Postgres, Mongo DB
  • Event databases: Kafka, Kinesis, Event Hub
  • Web applications: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, AppsFlyer, Zoho CRM, and more.
The solution offers ready-to-use connectors for 100+ data sources, enabling businesses to set up ingestion pipelines within minutes.

Real-time Replication

Sprinkle Pipelines allow businesses to set up real-time data replication and monitor the live status of their data. The solution's automatic schema mapping eliminates the need for manual intervention, freeing up the data teams from worrying about schema changes in the source table.


Sprinkle Pipelines' transformation layer enables businesses to transform their data using SQL and Jupyter Notebooks.
The SQL transform feature allows for transforming data using SQL queries, while the Python notebooks feature enables businesses to build transformations using python on Jupyter notebooks in Sprinkle.
The solution's SQL-based Explores Interface allows for exploring data and querying tables, building analysis, and creating reports. The visualization features enable businesses to create interactive charts on top of their data.

Data Catalog

Sprinkle Pipelines' Data Catalog enables businesses and their data teams to search, discover, and manage data tables in their warehouse. The solution provides a comprehensive view of the tables in the warehouse and automatically builds lineage and pipeline graphs, allowing businesses to visualize the dependencies between the tables and the processes they undergo. The catalog also includes a preview of the tables.


Collaboration is an essential part of working in teams, especially for data teams who work with diverse sets of tasks and data assets. Sprinkle Pipelines' comments feature allows the team to actively discuss and stay on top of their data.


Sprinkle Pipelines is a bundle of powerful features for businesses' data teams. The solution enables businesses to integrate, monitor, and manage their data pipelines with ease, freeing up their data teams from repetitive and ad-hoc tasks. With Sprinkle Pipelines, businesses can fuel their data journey and enable their data teams to achieve more.