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Search Data Entities in Warehouse, Quickly & Easily


As the data entities keep on growing in the data warehouse, finding the right data entity becomes a challenge. The Data Engineers
may not be able to comfortably find data sources, to build models. The business users 👨🏽‍💼may not be able to locate the specific Dashboard before an important meeting and so on.
The search feature in Sprinkle helps overcome, such limitations and enables seamless discovery of Data Entities
Find your data entities, quickly, easily and efficiently🤓 with Sprinkle Search Feature.
Sprinkle search makes the discovery of data assets on the data warehouse simple & intuitive, just like your favourite search engines
. The results can be filtered through various options, enabling you to discover data quickly

Feature Walkthrough

In the default view, the data entities appear based on their Popularity, i.e. the asset that has been visited the most appears at the top. If you are Looking for a recently updated data entity, just sort the page using the “Last Updated” timestamp.
Through the search bar
, you can do a textual search. It searches results based on the keywords matching either the name of the data entity or the description attached to it. Each data entity that is displayed on the result page, has an icon attached as per the type of entity, along with Status Icon, which makes discovery more intuitive.

Filter Options

You can filter out the results using the filters on the left.
Through the Type drop-down, users can multiple select the type of data entities the user is looking for, like, Dashboards, Datasources, Models, Segments, Explores, Metric Alerts, Catalog Table & SQL Transform.
The Owners dropdown is useful to filter out the results by the email ids of the entity owners.
The results can also be filtered using the Status Tag that is attached to the data entities. Status Drop-down is available at top of the data entities, which is used by the resource owner or the data-stewards to correctly tag the status of the data entities.
The status available are WIP ⚠️, Verified ✅, Deprecated 🚫, Has Issues 🚧.
Tagsadded to the data entities can also be used to filter out the results. The Tag Groups created by the Admin is available in the drop-down for the users to filter out their results.
You can filter the results using the attributes, as in the below example, where results are filtered by the transaction country and the Region.