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No-code Analytics -Integrate, transform and analyse all your data without writing a single line of code


Sprinkle Analytics is a no-code analytics and self-service BI solution that helps businesses integrate, transform, and analyze their data without writing a single line of code. Sprinkle Analytics enables businesses to run analysis on billions of data points in real-time and empowers them to keep all business KPIs in one place.

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Key Features

  • No-Code Analytics: Analyze data visually at any granularity, without being a data expert.
  • Self-Service BI: Build any report on the fly, no technical expertise needed.
  • Standardized Business Metrics: Standardize your business metrics and speak one language across the organization.
  • Real-time Analysis: Analyze data in real-time with super fast performance and query optimizations.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards on the fly and do not wait for analysts.
  • Connect to Any Data: Connect to any data in just a few clicks with 100+ readymade data source connectors.


Sprinkle Analytics supports integration with almost all the data sources you may need, with 100+ connectors for data sources.
By bringing the data into your data warehouse, you can gain richer insights by joining tables from various sources. If you don't have your own data warehouse, Sprinkle Analytics has you covered with its Managed Data Warehouse built on Google’s Big Query.


Models help in presenting a multi-dimensional view of the data. You can build models to analyze data across multiple dimensions, which can be created without writing a single line of code. It can be configured with a simple point-and-click user interface.


Reports enable you to find answers to your questions using the data. Through the intuitive interface, you can start analyzing data by dimensions and measures, save, and run to quickly have the data and create interactive charts.


With Sprinkle Analytics, you can build interactive dashboards with customized data filters. You can easily share your dashboards and reports with anyone and can also embed them into other applications.

SQL-based Interface

Sprinkle Analytics also provides a SQL-based interface to perform analysis and build reports using the SQL Explore feature.

Access Management

Sprinkle Analytics has carefully designed access control features to ensure users have access to data and features according to their data appetite. You can customize access control based on the needs of your organization.

Sharing and Collaboration

Data entities in Sprinkle Analytics are shareable, and the comments on each entity enable teams to actively discuss everything related to data.


Sprinkle Analytics is a comprehensive suite of powerful features for your data teams and your organization. It helps data teams discover data, get the right data, and build analytics at scale. Sprinkle Analytics enables everyone in the organization to be data-driven in their approach using self-serve analytics, without the need to be a data expert. All these features and more make Sprinkle Analytics the perfect solution for your data analytics needs.